Saturday, August 15, 2009

Video formats converter and editor software

I had so many problems in choosing the perfect video format converter and editor software for doing my presentation. I had the idea of how to do the presentation but all i need is a video editing software which can help me cut copy join the videos that were made separately so that i can add text slides between those videos. I downloaded a lot of freewares and tried there are some common problems encountered while working on the freewares. Most of the free ware came with the watermark. Some video joiners made the video quality poor and some outputs were not a proper mix of audio and video. I mean, the audio and video doesn't sink properly. I even started searching for the freewares that can bring about the output with out watermark and i successfully got a few and in this also i faced the same problem with audio not sinking properly with the video of the file i changes the speed the formats but in vain. I could have done it in the movie maker but my movie is troubling me more than these Freewares. At last finished the presentation to a near perfection. But the search for the perfect freeware is still on its way. Ill post if i get a perfect Freeware that solves the purpose fully.