Monday, August 17, 2009

Antivirus why so important

Anti-virus is the most important software that any system should possess,if the system is going to be used to connect internet. Virus is the set of programs that can multiply themselves in your computer. It can affect the performance of your computer.It can spread from your computer.It can use your computer as a host. Nowadays viruses has become very smarter that it can be in your system without disturbing much of your activities.It can create a back door in your firewall through which all your information can be sent to some one else through internet.A few will argue that there is no information worth sharing in my system why should i use antivirus. But the thing is the virus has the capacity of decreasing the longevity of your hardware,It can affect you computer to the extent that it can't be further used.Or viruses can go to the extent that some one will be using your phone connection or IP address for doing something which is illegal. So save your system and use Antivirus.Antivirus are nowadays available as Freeware also.

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