Sunday, August 16, 2009

Computer software/freeware sites

While surfing through the Internet i came across this article and i found the information in this article very valuable. This article gives you various reason why you can go for a freeware instead of spending huge sums of earned money on the full versions of the original software. This article provides us with the solution for the major problem " finding a freeware that solves our purpose in the net" and describes us about the website were we can be able to find lots and lots of software/freeware according to our needs. The sites mentioned are of the various categories, site were you can download more than 7000 programs that can run on your computer and all for free. And another site for downloading scripts that can run on your system which will help us in fixing up our system intern helping us in performance tuning of the system.Another site for web building "web master" a perfect site for the beginners which can help us in creating and managing a space in the web.

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