Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Firefox speedup Tips

I am a person who loves Firefox when compared to Internet explorer. At times Firefox is much slower that i am forced to use the internet explorer instead. But security wise i prefer Firefox always. While i started searching for the tips to speedup the existing Firefox and make it better,i ended up reading this article.The following article deals with the various ways in order to speed up the Firefox and the tips are also explained so clearly that even a beginner can easily make use of those tips. The tips comprises of three important topics. Pipelining or altering the three crucial pipeline settings of the browser.It might look odd when i say pipeline settings but the way it has been explained is very helpful.One of the other ways is to improve or increase the cache memory of the existing Firefox browser and the last way described in this article is to block the unwanted advertisements.Using these three ways the speed of the browser can be increased to a greater extent

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Monday, August 17, 2009

GMail Storage Drive

Gmail is one of the best in the field of mailing technology owing to the services they are providing for the users. Most of us will be annoyed by the time that's been taken while attaching a file to your email. Attaching time depends not only on the GMail speed but also on your system's performance and your internet speed.That too when you are attaching a file more than 15mb considering the internet speed in the countries like India,You can attach the things click send,take your dog for a walk come back and read paper but still it would have not been attached. GMail have come up with the different technology Gmail storage drive,this is a virtual drive that resides on our system,When you click on the drive it will ask for your gmail user name and password once they are given you can drag drop the file which you want to attach. Each file will be sent to the gmail address through which we have logged in as a separate email with your own address as from address.I am finding it very useful.because Even when i am not at my house I can just ask my parents to drag drop the files so that i can open it anywhere outside.

Repacked Refurbished laptops

Everyone who are working with computers for quite a long time will have an eye on the laptops. There are various reasons one will go on to get a laptop. Some will have most of their work while on the move so they will prefer the laptops. Some of us would prefer laptops owing to the space they occupy in our house. While getting a laptop getting a repacked or refurbished laptop can be a better option. What is repacked laptop or refurbished laptop? These are the old laptops which are rebuilt using the modern chips and newer version of operating systems. This is not something done by small companies. Big names such as Acer, Dell,Toshiba, Hp, Sony are providing us with a much cheaper refurbished laptops. But we have to choose it with a proper configuration and from an individuals prospective the refurbished laptops can be obtained for 60% of the original prize. Much economical and its reliable as they are tested and retested before being submitted into the market.

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Antivirus why so important

Anti-virus is the most important software that any system should possess,if the system is going to be used to connect internet. Virus is the set of programs that can multiply themselves in your computer. It can affect the performance of your computer.It can spread from your computer.It can use your computer as a host. Nowadays viruses has become very smarter that it can be in your system without disturbing much of your activities.It can create a back door in your firewall through which all your information can be sent to some one else through internet.A few will argue that there is no information worth sharing in my system why should i use antivirus. But the thing is the virus has the capacity of decreasing the longevity of your hardware,It can affect you computer to the extent that it can't be further used.Or viruses can go to the extent that some one will be using your phone connection or IP address for doing something which is illegal. So save your system and use Antivirus.Antivirus are nowadays available as Freeware also.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Computer software/freeware sites

While surfing through the Internet i came across this article and i found the information in this article very valuable. This article gives you various reason why you can go for a freeware instead of spending huge sums of earned money on the full versions of the original software. This article provides us with the solution for the major problem " finding a freeware that solves our purpose in the net" and describes us about the website were we can be able to find lots and lots of software/freeware according to our needs. The sites mentioned are of the various categories, site were you can download more than 7000 programs that can run on your computer and all for free. And another site for downloading scripts that can run on your system which will help us in fixing up our system intern helping us in performance tuning of the system.Another site for web building "web master" a perfect site for the beginners which can help us in creating and managing a space in the web.

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10 Freeware software

Once we re-install our operating system we will be wondering what are the software we should install. Here is an article that deals with that topic and it gives you the top ten freewares that are to be installed in your home pc.Software like anti-virus software, Firewall, Browsers, Media players are the most vital among the freewares and this article recommands Avira antivirus freeware for virus protection. ZoneAlarm for Firewall protection. Firefox 3 for experiencing the easy simple and effective way of new generation browsing and surfing the net and VLC player for media player as VLc supports most of the available formats. Other softwares recommended in this article are MSN messenger for instant messaging, Google Earth for finding address and knowing the routes.Photoscape a photo editing freeware which can help us in arranging the photos and image files in our system.Advanced System care for the maintenance of the system incase of registry corruption or broken file.Youtube downloaded and Free download manager for the purposes of downloading.

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Freeware Music mixing software

Can you show me a person who don't like hearing music? Music has always been a part of our life and lifestyle. Who doesn't want to hear music or even create music, if you are assured that there is no need for you to know the nuances of the music to create music. But all you need is a set of freewares that can help you create you own music. Isn't if fun? yes it is. There are so many software available in the internet for making your music. This freeware wont have all the features that the original version has,but the thing is you need not pay anything for making music.Most of the freewares are literally free and for few of them you can pay an optional fee. That optional fee will also be not for the software but for the promotion of the online website which is providing you the download format of the software. This articles guides you through various softwares that are available for creating the music. Check out, create music and enjoy.

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Freeware Movie editing software

Are you interested in making movies? or Are you the person who wants to do video montages for your friends or the loved ones? Then you will be one of the few persons who are trying out movie editing software. The most common movie editing software is the Windows movie maker which comes along with the installation of your windows OS. If you dint get you can download it online. There are also other freewares that are available in the internet to name a few,virtual dub, Free video storyboard pro,wax,blender etc. These comes with the simple features of video editing such as trimming the bigger video. or attaching many small videos or picture slides into a bigger video. Or you can add slides between the videos. You can select from the list of transitions how your movie or pictures should appear. Its really fun using this software and it also gives you an environment so that you can decide whether to go purchase the full version of the movie editing software. Nero also has a version of this movie editing software which can be burnt into a dvd or vcd.

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Software to Convert your videos in youtube format

Are you having a big video file? you have to wait for a long time if you upload the file directly into You-tube. Its has become very easy now with this useesoft converter to convert you videos to youtube format. It minimizes your video file size and the during the conversion the quality of the video is retained to the maximum.Its interface is very simple as that of the any converter. The interface has the space to browse and click the file you want to convert. You can run and see the file in the interface before converting. If you want you can trim the timings of the video and even the size of the video there are various options for the same. After doing so when you click convert the output file in the youtube video format is generated now you can upload and share the videos online.

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Convert PDF to DOC

Nowadays pdf format is regarded as the best format to share and view the documents online and they are also widely used in many fields. PDF documents does not allow direct modification of an existing file and it also prevents the copying of the information.So in order to edit the file you have to convert it into a format that is editable. So we can convert the given pdf file into Word(.doc) format and can add or update or re-write the information and convert it back. We can do this economically online. There are some special purpose websites that supports the conversion. Its very simple, all we have to do is to upload the give file in the website it will mail you the converted (.doc) file or the (.doc) file will be available for the download in the same website.This is one method. Other method is that you can use a freeware or shareware which has the capability to convert the PDF file to the word file.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Page Four creative writing software

MS word and other word processors that are being used widely are business oriented. They give much important to professional writing and gives least important to creative writing. One of the very few word processing software that gives importance to the concept of creative writing is Page Four. you can work on more than one chapter more than one plot even more than one novel at a time. This software is feature rich with a very simple to use interface.You can archive the articles or chapters you have written once in every few days.Various options available for printing it with out actually changing the original document. You need not go with my word. You can download the software and try using it.Its really a tool worth working on.

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Resume Writing Tool 1.0

Resumes speak for us. When in an interview resumes are going to give employer the first opinion about us. So Writing a perfect resume is the first and foremost task for a job seeker. There are many ways of writing the resumes. Usually we will ask our friends for their resumes and we will our own accordingly. But this is not a professional way of doing things. Your resume thus made wont be unique. what if we know all about current trends in the technology how are the professionals who is going to recruit us expecting our resumes to be?Solution is we can know all these with the help of resume writing like "Resume Writing tool". Resume writing tool not only helps us in organizing out resume but also provides with the sample of various other resumes. There are templates available for writing resumes as well as cover letters. You can download it as a freeware by clicking the link below.

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NewNovelist 2.0 software for writing novel

Writing a post itself is a tough job. You need to put forward all the things in your mind. You wont get satisfied until you get them all in the order you want. If writing a post is like this what will happen when you start writing the novel in the age old way.Even you have the deepest idea which is enough to start writing a novel you know the characterizations and you even decided about the climax but i am sure of the fact that once you start writing it down you will be staring at your blank monitor screen and nothing will come up in the order you want them to. Now these are days that are long gone. There are numerous Novel writing software are there available in the market which can help you org anise your thoughts. One such software is "NewNovelist 2.0". Time is very much valuable nowadays and a writer can't just sit and rack his brain inoder to get the idea to finish his/her novel and if he going make living out of writing then its going to be a severe problem and hence these software are most valuable as it solves the purpose of organizing our ideas. With NewNovelist 2.0 you can now discover how much easier the art of writing has become.

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Plain English Writing software

All of us write a little or we just want to write. Some of us write blogs and we always want to write it in a professional way and we like it when people admire our writing. Here is a software " style writer" which can help us in mastering the art of professional writing. This software is created on the basis of analysis of more number of writing styles prevalent these days among the people. And they also point out the commonly made mistakes in writing a piece. It helps us in making a prose out of a roughly written draft.It helps us in changing our style of writing in order to attract people with our prose. It simply gives meaning to what points we are trying to put forward. Who will be against professional writing?So if you are one of those people who want to improve your writing skills, then this is the software you have to install and work on.

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Firefox Vs Chrome

Note: The following is my personal experience in using both Firefox and chrome. And i had left IE from this discussion because i am not using it any more.

Firefox: If your connection is not so slow then there will be no problem in using this as this displays less error messages compared to the other in this discussion(CHROME). As i got used to the Plug-in and add-on of Firefox before chrome I would say this is the best and easily usable. Though bookmark tags look a real mess in Firefox, the way the downloads are arranged makes me feel better.

Chrome: Displays too many error in connection messages when your signal is week and follows the best way of arranging your bookmarks and regarding bookmarks chrome earns more points than Firefox.I think chrome is the first to bring about the concept of private browsing and then only its added in Firefox. Though I have a strong attraction towards Google and its products, I prefer Firefox for browsing while my dad uses chrome.

Learn French software

We always have the passion to learn some language and those who sit in the system will always look for a software which can help them learn. As a result of my search for learning french. i found a software which when installed will speak out loud few phrases in french. Though it comes as a trail ware and you cant update it for free. It has enough phrases for the beginners and further more if you not a beginner,if you know french to some extent and you just want to improve your pronunciation skills this software is going to be of greater use. You can download the software by typing "learn to speak french software" in Google. The added feature of this software is that when you encounter a web page full of french text, All you have to do is to copy the text you want to recite. The recite angel in the software will recite the selected text from the web page. I am finding this software to be of good use. I recommend this software for others.

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Pure codec player software

I had problems with all the media players. The windows media player wont support certain formats specially the real player and the mobile video formats. For that I had to install the new version of Real player and even real player is not as efficient as playing the DVD files in power DVD player. And when i installed the quick time player for the mobile video formats it gave me a great headache while downloading Mp3 songs online. It dint get downloaded but it started buffering online. And hence i started searching for an all format player and that lead me to the Pure codec player or KM player what ever they call. Its a software which supports all the playable formats and so far using this KM player i had never got the error message saying that this file cant be played or this format not supported. Thanks to KM player that now i am able to use it for all type of media files and the looks and the menus are simply awesome.

Video formats converter and editor software

I had so many problems in choosing the perfect video format converter and editor software for doing my presentation. I had the idea of how to do the presentation but all i need is a video editing software which can help me cut copy join the videos that were made separately so that i can add text slides between those videos. I downloaded a lot of freewares and tried there are some common problems encountered while working on the freewares. Most of the free ware came with the watermark. Some video joiners made the video quality poor and some outputs were not a proper mix of audio and video. I mean, the audio and video doesn't sink properly. I even started searching for the freewares that can bring about the output with out watermark and i successfully got a few and in this also i faced the same problem with audio not sinking properly with the video of the file i changes the speed the formats but in vain. I could have done it in the movie maker but my movie is troubling me more than these Freewares. At last finished the presentation to a near perfection. But the search for the perfect freeware is still on its way. Ill post if i get a perfect Freeware that solves the purpose fully.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Professional cover letter software

we can even attend the interview with so many people asking us pile of questions but writing a perfect covering letter has always been a problem for most of us.If you hate writing the covering letter then you will have two options either you can hire a professional for writing the letter or you can use the software available. But hiring a professional and using the software has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to generate the covering letter for the multiple post you wont be able to pay the professional for every post he writes and instead you can go for using a software which can generate multiple covering letters with just a few clicks.

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Free softwares vs Apple IPhone

I have always been one of those people who intend to get those apple iphones some day. But i came to know that iphone software are all costly and free software wont be of any use in the iphones and i searched a lot to get to know much about the difficulties with the apple iphone. And hence forth I came across this article which gives us 5 reasons why we should avoid Iphone 3G. If this is going to be what future is, why should know the drawbacks and negatives of the future also. While the positives has been published a lot over internet and marketed heavily.I thought this article is something that needs a little more attention.It not only gives the points but it tries to convince us with the facts.

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Registry repairing software

Registry is an important part of your windows and the settings of the registry is one that determines the performance of the system.If a virus affects your system it changes your registry settings and also it builds up some unwanted entries in the registry.Normal anti-virus software wont be able to fix your registry to your default settings. But there are different types of registry fix software available for the purpose,you can make use of the Google search and can find the necessary software for fixing the registry. This article explains you the instant registry fix using the registry repairing software and also it helps us with the ways to find it and use it.

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Software for copying your XBox Games

It takes the life out of us when we come to know that every time when we get a DVD full of Xbox Games and its not showing up in our system. We always want it to be safe more ever scratching the DVD and damaging it is very easy and it can be accidental too. So what if there exists a software that helps us to read the damaged DVD full of games, not only read but also we can copy the whole set of files in out Pc and we can write it back in the writable disc so that the files are safe again.Isn't this great. Yes, This article here deals with one such software which can keep your xbox games safe.

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Kitchen design software

Is your spouse or girl friend or mom having problems with the design of the kitchen? Are you trying to help them? Here is the solution, there are software available for the purpose of designing the kitchen and you can design a kitchen very easily using them with just few mouse clicks. The two best kitchen design software are Google Sketchup and smart draw. The tools and utilities in both the software helps us easily and to a greater extent in re-designing your own kitchen in a much better way. Use it and surprise your loved ones. The article here describes all about the kitchen design software and the details where you can get them.

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Digital Scrapbooking software

Picaboo, its a great software for the digital scrap booking. Its of free download and easy to use software. It helps us to arrange and modify the pictures in our own style taking the pressure from us in concentrating on the minute angles of the arrangement of the pictures while we do it on hand. we can either arrange the pictures into a photo book and upload it in the internet and share it with our friends and loved ones or we can make it in a printable form. There are numerous options for us to work on the pictures and make it a printable photo album, which will definitely make a perfect gift for your loved ones or a memory refresher when you sit back and relax. The article here describes you how the software actually works and also it gives the link where the software can be freely downloaded.

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Software to watch TV in your mobile

Most of us like to watch TV,specially sports,news and live events. And have you ever wondered that can we see all the channels we see in the TV in our mobile. Yes, its very much possible and its nearly as easy as paying your Cable guy but with a much cheaper rate. The article here summaries you about the company which is providing a software with a minimum pay, and how to configure the software and start watching live events and 200 other channels on the move. Its really a very great advancement in the technology and Its wonderful to see if a small device such as mobile overtakes TV, while it has already thrown radios and landline phones out of the market place.

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Mobile computing software

Mobiles are already becoming the part of every human being. The technology is growing in rocket speed and mobile computing is the need of the hour. Mobile phones are not only used for telephony related operation nowadays there are various software that enable us to use the internet browse through it. Make a document or a power point presentation on the move make a recording in the meeting. Health care employees can use the mobile phones to store the information necessary or relevant to the patients. We can set tasks write notes in a mobile and all these things are possible only because of the mobile computing software. Though the software are available on the internet we have to choose the apt software for the device we have and we have to use it efficiently. This article describes the uses of the mobile computing software and the technology of the day.

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Softwares for making Family Tree

So many of us will be interesting to know the whole history about our ancestors where they came from. Are we one among those generations of the past, those big names are we in anyways related to them. There are ways to find answers to this searches. Family tree helps us to find all the relatives we have, had and those we don't know but they in some way related to us. Classic example will be finding the lost loved ones in old films. Now there are a number of ways to design a family tree. There are software available for the same purpose. You can either hire a professional who can work on your family tree using some software and help you make one where you can pay him. But what ever it is, its really fun to know the classic hidden truths about us by working out our-self in building a family tree using the software. This article guides you through the nuances of creating the Family Tree using a software all by yourself.

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Software Selection Guide

Selection is a part of our daily life. We have always had choices from breakfast to the lunch to the home we live in to the car we are driving daily. And we had always wanted to choose the best among the options we have. You are a computer person, a person who needs to do a lot of work in the system then you should be more careful in choosing the software you going to work on. The software we are using should not take the life out of us.It should be user friendly, it should be easily understandable and it should solve the purpose. For example most of us are nowadays using Mw-word instead of notepad. Why? because we have so many features in that other than just typing the text. Same way there are so many features we got to consider for choosing the software and here is a guide that can help you choose what software to buy.

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Parental control software Guide

All parents in this world who had kids and teens will be very much conscious about what their kid or boy/girl is doing online. Here is a guide that can help you to choose the best parental control software. Choosing the right software for the right purpose is really a great task. Parents using the parental control software does not say that they don't trust their own children but they should be conscious that even an accidental search should not be harmful to their children.Actually some people consider that choosing a software is really an easy thing to do. Sit in the internet search in sites like Google with some right words choose one of the top ten searches from the sites. But in choosing the software you need to ask yourself what particular type of parental software you want. All the parental software doesn't come up with effective filtering methods. There should be provision for the users also to add certain filtering methods. The article here will help parents to find the best parental control software for the safe browsing of their children.

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Screen capture software

You will have a lot of occasions in which you have to teach to your friend or your parents what they should do with a particular website or how to log in or how to register what are the steps to follow while programming or some help in installing the software. Here is your solution. Here is a software that can capture what you are doing in the computer screen.And the captured thing can be compiled into a video and can be published or given to the one who is in need of that. You can also learn a lot of things in the net when others compile videos using the screen capture software. The teaching of programming techniques and debugging becomes easier with this software. If you going to teach your friend the nuances of installing a software you can activate this screen capture software open a notepad type the steps you are doing and do the steps and finish of the installation and now you can compile the video with the screen capture software share it with your friend.

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Software to retrieve deleted information from SIM Card

We all will find difficulty in storing the messages in our mobile. With out our knowledge we tend to delete a number of messages or contact information. and we would have felt bad that we cant recover the last data. This is a past tense now. The data recovery software are really proud to announce the SIM data recovery software, using this you can recover the corrupted and deleted SMS and phone numbers from the SIM card memory. This can be widely used in the field of forensic where the erased phone memories can be of use to greater extent. the software comes with an inbuilt manual to help the user with the features of the software.

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Website Building software

Do You really want to tell the world what you are thinking? Are you new to the world of creating a website and managing it? Are you thinking whether you have to build it from scratch using HTML? There are so many things to be considered before you build your own website. There are so many ideas like hiring some one who can build us the website that we need. But most of us wont be willing to pay large sums of money on some one new. The budget constraints will be very limited. so there are large number of software that can help you build the website. you need not think that for building a new website you should be through with all the web building concepts.The answer is no, Your basic browsing skills along with the web building software will help you through.

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