Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 Freeware software

Once we re-install our operating system we will be wondering what are the software we should install. Here is an article that deals with that topic and it gives you the top ten freewares that are to be installed in your home pc.Software like anti-virus software, Firewall, Browsers, Media players are the most vital among the freewares and this article recommands Avira antivirus freeware for virus protection. ZoneAlarm for Firewall protection. Firefox 3 for experiencing the easy simple and effective way of new generation browsing and surfing the net and VLC player for media player as VLc supports most of the available formats. Other softwares recommended in this article are MSN messenger for instant messaging, Google Earth for finding address and knowing the routes.Photoscape a photo editing freeware which can help us in arranging the photos and image files in our system.Advanced System care for the maintenance of the system incase of registry corruption or broken file.Youtube downloaded and Free download manager for the purposes of downloading.

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