Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pure codec player software

I had problems with all the media players. The windows media player wont support certain formats specially the real player and the mobile video formats. For that I had to install the new version of Real player and even real player is not as efficient as playing the DVD files in power DVD player. And when i installed the quick time player for the mobile video formats it gave me a great headache while downloading Mp3 songs online. It dint get downloaded but it started buffering online. And hence i started searching for an all format player and that lead me to the Pure codec player or KM player what ever they call. Its a software which supports all the playable formats and so far using this KM player i had never got the error message saying that this file cant be played or this format not supported. Thanks to KM player that now i am able to use it for all type of media files and the looks and the menus are simply awesome.