Sunday, August 16, 2009

Convert PDF to DOC

Nowadays pdf format is regarded as the best format to share and view the documents online and they are also widely used in many fields. PDF documents does not allow direct modification of an existing file and it also prevents the copying of the information.So in order to edit the file you have to convert it into a format that is editable. So we can convert the given pdf file into Word(.doc) format and can add or update or re-write the information and convert it back. We can do this economically online. There are some special purpose websites that supports the conversion. Its very simple, all we have to do is to upload the give file in the website it will mail you the converted (.doc) file or the (.doc) file will be available for the download in the same website.This is one method. Other method is that you can use a freeware or shareware which has the capability to convert the PDF file to the word file.

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