Saturday, August 15, 2009

Firefox Vs Chrome

Note: The following is my personal experience in using both Firefox and chrome. And i had left IE from this discussion because i am not using it any more.

Firefox: If your connection is not so slow then there will be no problem in using this as this displays less error messages compared to the other in this discussion(CHROME). As i got used to the Plug-in and add-on of Firefox before chrome I would say this is the best and easily usable. Though bookmark tags look a real mess in Firefox, the way the downloads are arranged makes me feel better.

Chrome: Displays too many error in connection messages when your signal is week and follows the best way of arranging your bookmarks and regarding bookmarks chrome earns more points than Firefox.I think chrome is the first to bring about the concept of private browsing and then only its added in Firefox. Though I have a strong attraction towards Google and its products, I prefer Firefox for browsing while my dad uses chrome.