Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Firefox speedup Tips

I am a person who loves Firefox when compared to Internet explorer. At times Firefox is much slower that i am forced to use the internet explorer instead. But security wise i prefer Firefox always. While i started searching for the tips to speedup the existing Firefox and make it better,i ended up reading this article.The following article deals with the various ways in order to speed up the Firefox and the tips are also explained so clearly that even a beginner can easily make use of those tips. The tips comprises of three important topics. Pipelining or altering the three crucial pipeline settings of the browser.It might look odd when i say pipeline settings but the way it has been explained is very helpful.One of the other ways is to improve or increase the cache memory of the existing Firefox browser and the last way described in this article is to block the unwanted advertisements.Using these three ways the speed of the browser can be increased to a greater extent

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Monday, August 17, 2009

GMail Storage Drive

Gmail is one of the best in the field of mailing technology owing to the services they are providing for the users. Most of us will be annoyed by the time that's been taken while attaching a file to your email. Attaching time depends not only on the GMail speed but also on your system's performance and your internet speed.That too when you are attaching a file more than 15mb considering the internet speed in the countries like India,You can attach the things click send,take your dog for a walk come back and read paper but still it would have not been attached. GMail have come up with the different technology Gmail storage drive,this is a virtual drive that resides on our system,When you click on the drive it will ask for your gmail user name and password once they are given you can drag drop the file which you want to attach. Each file will be sent to the gmail address through which we have logged in as a separate email with your own address as from address.I am finding it very useful.because Even when i am not at my house I can just ask my parents to drag drop the files so that i can open it anywhere outside.

Repacked Refurbished laptops

Everyone who are working with computers for quite a long time will have an eye on the laptops. There are various reasons one will go on to get a laptop. Some will have most of their work while on the move so they will prefer the laptops. Some of us would prefer laptops owing to the space they occupy in our house. While getting a laptop getting a repacked or refurbished laptop can be a better option. What is repacked laptop or refurbished laptop? These are the old laptops which are rebuilt using the modern chips and newer version of operating systems. This is not something done by small companies. Big names such as Acer, Dell,Toshiba, Hp, Sony are providing us with a much cheaper refurbished laptops. But we have to choose it with a proper configuration and from an individuals prospective the refurbished laptops can be obtained for 60% of the original prize. Much economical and its reliable as they are tested and retested before being submitted into the market.

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Antivirus why so important

Anti-virus is the most important software that any system should possess,if the system is going to be used to connect internet. Virus is the set of programs that can multiply themselves in your computer. It can affect the performance of your computer.It can spread from your computer.It can use your computer as a host. Nowadays viruses has become very smarter that it can be in your system without disturbing much of your activities.It can create a back door in your firewall through which all your information can be sent to some one else through internet.A few will argue that there is no information worth sharing in my system why should i use antivirus. But the thing is the virus has the capacity of decreasing the longevity of your hardware,It can affect you computer to the extent that it can't be further used.Or viruses can go to the extent that some one will be using your phone connection or IP address for doing something which is illegal. So save your system and use Antivirus.Antivirus are nowadays available as Freeware also.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Computer software/freeware sites

While surfing through the Internet i came across this article and i found the information in this article very valuable. This article gives you various reason why you can go for a freeware instead of spending huge sums of earned money on the full versions of the original software. This article provides us with the solution for the major problem " finding a freeware that solves our purpose in the net" and describes us about the website were we can be able to find lots and lots of software/freeware according to our needs. The sites mentioned are of the various categories, site were you can download more than 7000 programs that can run on your computer and all for free. And another site for downloading scripts that can run on your system which will help us in fixing up our system intern helping us in performance tuning of the system.Another site for web building "web master" a perfect site for the beginners which can help us in creating and managing a space in the web.

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10 Freeware software

Once we re-install our operating system we will be wondering what are the software we should install. Here is an article that deals with that topic and it gives you the top ten freewares that are to be installed in your home pc.Software like anti-virus software, Firewall, Browsers, Media players are the most vital among the freewares and this article recommands Avira antivirus freeware for virus protection. ZoneAlarm for Firewall protection. Firefox 3 for experiencing the easy simple and effective way of new generation browsing and surfing the net and VLC player for media player as VLc supports most of the available formats. Other softwares recommended in this article are MSN messenger for instant messaging, Google Earth for finding address and knowing the routes.Photoscape a photo editing freeware which can help us in arranging the photos and image files in our system.Advanced System care for the maintenance of the system incase of registry corruption or broken file.Youtube downloaded and Free download manager for the purposes of downloading.

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Freeware Music mixing software

Can you show me a person who don't like hearing music? Music has always been a part of our life and lifestyle. Who doesn't want to hear music or even create music, if you are assured that there is no need for you to know the nuances of the music to create music. But all you need is a set of freewares that can help you create you own music. Isn't if fun? yes it is. There are so many software available in the internet for making your music. This freeware wont have all the features that the original version has,but the thing is you need not pay anything for making music.Most of the freewares are literally free and for few of them you can pay an optional fee. That optional fee will also be not for the software but for the promotion of the online website which is providing you the download format of the software. This articles guides you through various softwares that are available for creating the music. Check out, create music and enjoy.

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