Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Firefox speedup Tips

I am a person who loves Firefox when compared to Internet explorer. At times Firefox is much slower that i am forced to use the internet explorer instead. But security wise i prefer Firefox always. While i started searching for the tips to speedup the existing Firefox and make it better,i ended up reading this article.The following article deals with the various ways in order to speed up the Firefox and the tips are also explained so clearly that even a beginner can easily make use of those tips. The tips comprises of three important topics. Pipelining or altering the three crucial pipeline settings of the browser.It might look odd when i say pipeline settings but the way it has been explained is very helpful.One of the other ways is to improve or increase the cache memory of the existing Firefox browser and the last way described in this article is to block the unwanted advertisements.Using these three ways the speed of the browser can be increased to a greater extent

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