Monday, August 17, 2009

GMail Storage Drive

Gmail is one of the best in the field of mailing technology owing to the services they are providing for the users. Most of us will be annoyed by the time that's been taken while attaching a file to your email. Attaching time depends not only on the GMail speed but also on your system's performance and your internet speed.That too when you are attaching a file more than 15mb considering the internet speed in the countries like India,You can attach the things click send,take your dog for a walk come back and read paper but still it would have not been attached. GMail have come up with the different technology Gmail storage drive,this is a virtual drive that resides on our system,When you click on the drive it will ask for your gmail user name and password once they are given you can drag drop the file which you want to attach. Each file will be sent to the gmail address through which we have logged in as a separate email with your own address as from address.I am finding it very useful.because Even when i am not at my house I can just ask my parents to drag drop the files so that i can open it anywhere outside.